Our Work Process


ProAct will be supplying all kinds of branded products, from the most prestigious Corporate Gifts to the mass Promotional Materials & giveaways.

ProAct will ensure that all the products provided will be of very high quality and to the best standard possible.

Clients can also expect that ProAct will provide them with the upmost professional services at a minimal cost.


ProAct's vision is long term. Its aim is to reach its many goals by investing more in human resources and ensuring client satisfaction.

Going overseas: After establishing the Lebanese market, ProAct will be opening branches in the gulf region and the whole of the Middle East, with trusted partners that can help the company grow.

Our Team, Our Clients, Quality & Service

"Proactive behavior involves acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting".

Therefore, clients shouldn't expect the ProAct Team to be asked to act, since it is the company's aim to take control of your business gifts and make things happen for you.


In addition to the wide collection of readymade products available in stock, ProAct offers its clients a "tailor made product service" in which they will have the opportunity to be differentiated in the market, not only with the quality of products and printing techniques, but also in new and outstanding ideas.

This is to ensure customer satisfaction for every occasion and budget. ProAct is ready to assist it's clients in any Branding /Direct Marketing projects, due to its connections with the many suppliers in the market. It covers all services from Logo Creation, Corporate Identity, Websites, Printing & Marketing.

Clients & References

ProAct is a fresh startup company nonetheless we are dealing with many welknown clients, listing a few:

  • Bank Audi
  • Bank of Beirut
  • Credit Bank
  • FFA Private Bank
  • Allianz SNA
  • Governments
  • SMLH - Societe Des Membres de la Legion D'honneur Liban
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • SAKR
  • Bancassurance
  • MOPA - Ministery of Presidential Affairs Abu Dhabi
  • Rest House Tyr
  • Hypco
  • CIS
  • Librairie du Liban Publishers
  • Webcor - Incoserv
  • AUB - American University of Beirut
  • BAT - British American Tobacco
  • Aptec
  • Ridex Paints
  • Ets Elio
  • CSC Bank
  • MEAB
  • Blom Bank
  • FAP
  • ADIR
  • LGB Bank
  • IBL Bank
  • Y&R - Fashion TV
  • Safadi Cultural Foundation
  • SGBL